About the project

The Plankton Chronicles Project is a short documentary series combining art and science, revealing the beauty and diversity of organisms adrift in the currents.

The “Plankton Chronicles” project is being created in the context of the Tara Oceans Expedition and the Observatoire Oceanologique de Villefranche-sur-Mer (OOV). Christian Sardet, Research Director with the CNRS at Villefranche-sur-Mer conceived the first episodes of the series with Véronique Kleiner and Catherine Balladur from CNRS Images (Meudon). Four All others are produced by Christian Sardet from OOV / CNRS Côte-d’Azur with Noe Sardet and Sharif Miurshak (Parafilms, Montreal).

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The book


Through hundreds of photographs, Plankton transports readers into the currents, where jeweled chains hang next to phosphorescent chandeliers, spidery claws jut out from sinuous bodies, and gelatinous barrels protect microscopic hearts…

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The Plankton Chronicles series was created by Christian Sardet (CNRS), Sharif Mirshak and Noé Sardet (Parafilms) in the context of the Tara Oceans Expedition and the Marine Station of Villefranche sur Mer (CNRS / UPMC). The series has received financial support from CNRS (INSB / INEE),  IBISA, UPMCand the Ville de Nice.