Benthos of Antarctica

During ACE (Antarctica Circumnavigation Expedition) Noé Sardet and Sharif Mirshak took a series of photos of benthic creatures brought back from the depths! During this mission the ROPOS submersible was deployed and trawls were done to monitor animals around sub-Antarctic islands and near the Mertz glacier on the continent.  A great diversity of species were discovered and photographed by the team. Many of which have extra-terrestrial shapes and colors… After shooting plankton in the arctic, the Macronauts dive deep into the Antarctica benthos!
Video of the expedition Leg2

05_ENO_7551 Anomalie08_ENO_7449 Piquants des abysses10_ENO_8037 Krill cambré [Euphosiacé]11_ENO_7512 Pokémon profond [Amphipod?]15_ENO_8179 Escargot plongeur19_ENO_9849 Coeur de corail21_ENO_7471 Histoire d'oursinBioluminescentusENO_8187 Coquille velu