For the third time in 4 years, the schooner Rotter Sand (renamed the Ecomaris – the name of the NGO in charge) took on the St. Lawrence River at the end of the summer, a team of scientists, artists and sailors to explore plankton, watch whales, practice sailing techniques, and meet Inous peoples on the north shores of the St Laurence river. The astronomers on board introduced us to the observations of the moon and stars at coastal sites devoid of light pollution. The expedition then continued its navigation to the large and surprising Anticosti island.

From March 2 to 17, 2019, in the arts district of Montreal, the Maison du développement durable, in collaboration with Parafilms, ÉcoMaris, the David Suzuki Foundationand the MICS, exhibited 30 photos, a mobile and a VR film contributed by the Cosmic Plankton artist collective.

We thank Nikon for lending us a microscope.