The Plastic Vagabond is coming!

Dive into the plastisphere with Horsea plasticus the vagabond, follow his adventures and participate in a call to action to collect plastic on the beach!
You are an artist, a committed citizen, a passionate teacher or simply an ocean-lover? Participate in the Plastic Art contest!
You just have to collect plastic on the beach and create a work of Art with it. Take photos, submit them to our facebook page and enter to win 500$.
You want to know more about plastic pollution in the Mediterranean and get involved with the solutions? Join BeMed!
This project is a co-production between Parafilms and Tara Expeditions. With valued financial support by CMG (Conservation Media Group) and help from CNRS and EcoMaris.

Parafilms, CMG, EcoMaris, CNRS, Tara Expéditions