Shimoda Session for Kyotographie

Noé and Christian Sardet came to Japan to film and photograph planktonic organisms collected in the bay of Shimoda. They worked night and day in the University of Tsukuba Marine Laboratory in Shimoda to create exceptional 4K video sequences and images.

In spring 2016 (April 23rd through May 22nd) a plankton photo exhibit and a video installation with Japanese artist Shiro Takatani will be created for the international Kyotographie festival. This year’s theme is “Circle of life”.

Shiro Takatani and 2 members of the Kyotographie festival visited the Marine Laboratory in Shimoda and were introduced to the process of observing plankton and to the advanced imaging techniques. Zeiss and Nikon provided high-end microscopes, while Chroma – optical filters company-sponsored the trip. Kazuo Inaba, Kogiku Shiba, Sylvain Agostini and the staff of the Marine Laboratory and sponsors made this experience both productive and fun.

More news will follow about the Kyotographie festival!

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